A rebellion against traditional marketing and growth engineering joined by teams at Snowflake, Salesforce, Carta, AngelList, Gong, Dropbox, Hopin and more💥
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Forbes Cloud 100 🎖, reducing friction, secret behind Replit's success 👀, and Mutiny against traditional marketing ⚔
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Mario gets candid with us on his journey from a technical role to Head Of Growth at Softr, the one goal his team relentlessly chases and the tools he…
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Doubling market share for dummies 🥸, the return of the prodigal son, a framework for your first Growth hire 🙌🏼 and Jeff Bezos' two cents on…
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Humans of PLG💥 ft. Human extraordinaire, Mark Tanner; the OG from Qwilr; Insight-packed, candid and LOTSA fun! Check out the full episode👇🏼
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A full product development stack that's democratizing the secret sauce that allowed Facebook to grow more than 2 billion users 🤩
Fresh off the PLG press 🗞️: Shopify's quarter, Slack’s 🕸️ notification flowchart, God uses Jira? & PLG drops its guard down
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We sat down with Chang Chen, Head of Growth & Marketing at Otter.ai; so you don't have to.
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