Sitemap - 2022 - Top of the Lyne

2022 Wrapped in Memes

The Expansion Manifesto: Part 1/3

Meet the hottest speech AI tool in town: Deepgram

Building the fastest e-mail experience known to man

Shogun: Maverick

The rise of the Jasper Empire

Toplyne Labs #5: The Goldilocks moment

Throwing the kitchen sink at Q4

Keep an eye 👀 on​ Heap

At what seat size does your NRR reach escape velocity?

Here's why you need a product-led laboratory too🔬

Printing $s with gated content, the database wars, and "industry leaders"

Toplyne Labs #3 - The Gmail Paradox

Bringing business phones into the 21st century

Microsoft goes wildin', SDRs beware, selling to enterprise, and more...

Toplyne Labs #2 - Conversions without borders

Content(ful) is King 👑

It’s closing season…...

Toplyne Labs #1: Hitchhikers Guide to PQLs

If in doubt, Paddle out.

No code, no problem 🫡

Think In-App? Think Appcues

Time = flat circle


Take a long, hard look at yourself

📍SaaStr Annual '22 - Come say hi 👋

Figma wasn’t built in a day ❤️

If the FOMO hasn't kicked in yet, it will now...SaaStr Annual 2022! 💥

Just another glorified newsletter tool 🗞

Growing Zapier past $140M ARR

Common Room should be commonplace

Eat. Sleep. Nuke yourself. Repeat ☢️

Leave it all to: Lattice!

Rarer than a profitable unicorn🦄

Creating $2.6B+ 'Pendo' with Pendo

Wizzing to 💯 million

Mario Araujo, Head of Growth at Softr

A Mutiny against traditional marketing ⚔️

Building heavier companies 🏋🏻‍♀️

Mark Tanner, Co-founder of Qwilr on the pitfalls of freemium & building in "The Land Down Under" 🙌🏼

This headline won the Statsig A/B test 🥇

The times are 🔁 they a-changin’?

Otter's Head of Growth & Marketing on Sales in a PLG world, US vs China and building a winning growth team 💪🏻

Hey there, Gorgias

Not all is gloom and doom in SaaS 🚀

See you there! Qwilr's🪶 PLG Playbook with Co-founder Mark Tanner

New OpenPhone, who dis?

She's a 10 but...

Descript: A Billion-dollar Detour?

What's up with Zapier?

You like personality? I got 8 of ‘em.

ZenDesk's founder gets his pay day💰& the cardinal laws of Growth 🎯

‘Cause this is Qwilr 🕺

Cloudflare's Outage and other 🔥 takes from the PLG world! The noisefighting superhero

Out with the barriers to entry, the anatomy of a PQL, the CIO is the last to know, and more...

Posthog - the all-in-one Product Analytics Suite

Figma's PMF test, website visits in 2022, a PLG nitroboost, bring back maps, and more...

The $2B Calm Rocketship 🧘‍♀️

A $196M mistake 🙊, Fortune favors the distributed 💰, Avengers assemble , and more...

You can’t go Wrong with Gong

Existential Unicorns 🦄 Growing like Replit 👩🏻‍💻 ClickUp' cute boo boo 🩹, and more...

Yotpo - The full-stack eCom marketing... flamingo?

Destroy ALL friction, rave in Vegas (RSVP), building the world's best kept secret, and more...

Transformers: The rise and rise of Hugging Face

Do you even recur bro? Nearly 69% IRR, the biggest mistake in any VCs career, and more...

Softr: Lego meets No-Code

LIVE 🔴 from Salesforce Tower, Code = Alpha, ageing like fine wine, and more...

15 things we're excited to build with $15M 💰

Kafka-esque growth, Truly Madly Dooly, Always go full enterprise, and more...

Sales productivity? Dooly noted.

Priory of password sharers, Postman and its 20M users, Mutiny raises $50M, and more...

Every interface [is a /needs] Maze

Substack 1 - NYT 0, Deel races to $100m ARR, "scheduled maintenance" grounds Jira, and more...

The explosive growth of OnlyFans

Salvador DALL.E, the Whiteboard Wars, Grafana raises $240M, and more...

Growth ❤️ Experimentation

Announcing our new integration with Uber

Black Mirror's SaaS collab, Google Maps for Zelda, Super(loom)inal communication, and more...

Lusha and the science of super-targeted prospecting

Meme led growth, NRR solves all problems, preaching to the choir, and more...

Clash of Clan's elixir and gold - Product Led Growth

Death of 100x ARR... (maybe), Epic SaaS battles of HISTORY, web2 WAGMI, and more...

To err is human. To forgive, Grammarly

The trillion dollar question... ANSWERED! The Mount Rushmore of SEO, and more...

PLG CRM: Curing symptoms, not diseases 🦠

Waitlists have a shelf life, why doesn't Java collect itself? Water, water everywhere, and more...

Analytics engineering with dbt Labs

WTF are PLG CRMs, expanding your BottomLyne, Content 101, and more!

Happier with Zapier

How to buy communities and influence people, Shopify's rocky year, conversions aren't magic, and more...

Plumbing with Airbyte

Prediction! ClickUp to win the Superbowl, PLG ages like fine wine, a shade of narcissism

The Webflow state of mind

The Growth Manager Workspace 🏢

The undefeated, undisputed GOAT of SEO! Any publicity is good publicity, PLG companies don't do sal-..., and more

How Supabase is taking on the Goliath of Backend-as-a-Service

Universal basic computing, TAM is a social construct, Stripe drives into Detroit, and more...

Save one day every week with ClickUp

Bloodbath in the public markets, Andreesen's Law of irrelevance, go niche or go home, and more...

Growing 5x in one year with $0 spent: A Clockwise masterclass

Doubling sales productivity with Scratchpad

Calendly: enabling series A's since 2013, that 70s show - the PLG edition, how to run a company for Dummies, and more...

Growth hacking with AI: The story

An ode to Substack

Retool: Saving developers from internal tools since 2017 😇

The Postman Cinematic Universe, the land of half-blood princes, 1000x ARR multiples, and more...

Growing 12x in one year… No big Deel